What Does a Listing Agent and a Buyer’s Agent Do?

There are many, many services a real estate professional provides throughout the process of buying or selling a home. On the selling side, your listing agent will help you prepare for the sale, create a timeline, craft a custom marketing strategy, price the property correctly and generate the most attention so you get the best value, along with a fast and easy sale. On the buying side, your buyer’s agent – once a written agreement is signed, pending the new rules going into effect this July – will assist with the home search, walk you through the paperwork for pre-approvals, the submission of an offer, the negotiation (if necessary), the inspections, the closings …

Read on for 50 services you can expect from your listing agent and your buyer’s agent.

The Value of a Listing Agent

Here are some of the services your listing agent will provide:

  1. Have initial selling consultation
  2. Prepare custom listing presentation
  3. Pull MLS, tax roll and title company data
  4. Create Comparative Market Analysis
  5. Present listing presentation
  6. Explain custom marketing strategies
  7. Advise on cosmetic fixes and upgrades
  8. Set timelines based on seller’s goals
  9. Get listing agreement signed
  10. Walk sellers through disclosure forms
  11. Collect mortgage loan information
  12. Discuss how the home will be shown
  13. Ensure showings are convenient
  14. Discuss appraisal process
  15. Collect transferrable warranties
  16. Review HOA bylaws (if applicable)
  17. Set property inclusions and exclusions
  18. Consult on staging the home
  19. Consult and advise on decluttering and organizing the home
  20. Store or donate personal items
  21. Help arrange for house cleaners as needed
  22. Prepare the home for sale
  23. Schedule photography and tour shoot
  24. Put property in the MLS
  25. Execute custom marketing plan
  26. Help coordinate home showings
  27. Track showing and online activity
  28. Organize all offer documentation
  29. Present all offers to sellers
  30. Analyze buyer’s qualifications
  31. Verify buyer’s lender
  32. Negotiate with buyer’s agent
  33. Review contract with sellers
  34. Once under contract, send to escrow co.
  35. Change status of property in MLS
  36. Deliver contract and addendum
  37. Coordinate inspections
  38. Review inspection results
  39. Resolve buyer’s inspection objections
  40. Put repairs in writing
  41. Refer sellers to high-quality contractors
  42. Coordinate appraisal process
  43. Help to advise on/negotiate any unsatisfactory appraisal results
  44. Confirm clear-to-close
  45. Coordinate the closing
  46. Verify title company documentation
  47. Remind sellers to transfer utilities
  48. Meticulously review closing documents
  49. Tie up any additional loose ends
  50. Change MLS status to “SOLD”!

The Value of a Buyer’s Agent

Here are some of the services your buyer’s agent will provide:

  1. Meet to discuss your goals
  2. Define lifestyle, feature & location needs
  3. Prepare Buyer Broker Agreement
  4. Outline services and skills provided
  5. Discuss buyer’s agent compensation
  6. Get Buyer Broker Agreement signed
  7. Discuss financing options
  8. Assist in finding a mortgage lender
  9. Help obtain pre-approval letter
  10. Create a custom home search plan
  11. Provide access to all listings on MLS
  12. Provide access to all brokerage listings
  13. Review off-market opportunities
  14. Send available homes within criteria
  15. Create schedule for showings
  16. Work with listing agent for showings
  17. Organize all showings and home tours
  18. Collect and review showing instructions
  19. Prepare for each showing
  20. Provide feedback after each showing
  21. Discuss potential repairs or drawbacks
  22. Discuss benefits and home features
  23. Update buyers on new available homes
  24. Keep records from each showing
  25. Keep records from each showing
  26. Discuss long-term investment value
  27. Review transferrable warranties
  28. Review transferrable features (e.g. solar)
  29. Update buyers on any declines in price
  30. Find your next dream home!
  31. Review property inclusions & exclusions
  32. Review offer options
  33. Compile offer documentation
  34. Submit offer to listing agent
  35. Negotiate on buyer’s behalf
  36. Execute sales contract and disclosures
  37. Coordinate earnest money transfer
  38. Review seller disclosures
  39. Coordinate inspection process
  40. Review home inspection results
  41. Negotiate inspection objections
  42. Get agreed-upon repairs in writing
  43. Verify existing lease agreements
  44. Negotiate appraisals, as necessary
  45. Verify loan status
  46. Coordinate closing times
  47. Help to resolve any title issues that may come up in the escrow process
  48. Review closing documents
  49. Complete final walk-through
  50. Hand over your keys. CONGRATULATIONS!

Looking to put these services to work for you? Get in touch to schedule your complimentary buyer’s or seller’s consultation!

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