8 Ways to Enhance Small Spaces in Your Home

One of the very first things I tell my clients after they say, “OK, we’re ready to put our home on the market,” is: declutter your spaces. 

Thinning out crowded, cluttered spaces creates more room, giving the appearance that a kitchen is bigger or a living room is more expansive, which in turn helps convince prospective buyers that your house could be their next home. 

Beyond decluttering, there are other ways to create the appearance of space, and whether you’re about to put your home on the market or simply want to enhance the interiors of your home, here are 8 ways to do just that: 

1 – Be strategic about your tile choice. 

Opt for a paler shade of tile (creams or natural tones work best) rather than dark-shaded tile; light colors help give the appearance of a bigger space. Glazed tile works well, too. Like a mirror, it reflects light and really opens up a room.

2 – Add light!

Lighter, brighter spaces always look bigger. Add a beautiful floor lamp or a dramatic, modern chandelier to instantly open up any room. 

3 – Get creative with your storage. 

Maybe you add some floating shelves above the sink in your kitchen or elegant baskets to store those pet toys and extra pillows. This tip serves a dual function: you’re not only de-cluttering but also adding intrigue to your interiors!

4 – Opt for neutral tones and warm accents. 
Sure, a bright purple coffee table is endlessly fun but it might not help create the appearance of more space. For a space-enhancing effect, opt for neutral tones – sages, creams, whites – and warm, matte, natural accents. 

5 – Add a mirror (or two). 

Mirrors have classically been a design go-to for creating the appearance of space, and they can be a budget-friendly way to enhance any room. Try an oversized floor mirror in a unique shape to blend the trendy with the timeless!

6 – Think vertically. 

Horizontal decor tends to condense a space, so when selecting artwork or accent pieces, opt for vertical-shaped pieces. 

7 – Place furniture away from the wall. 

Instead of setting your couch right up against the wall, try moving it a few inches away or even placing it toward the center of the room to instantly create the appearance of more space. 

8 – Choose light, no-pattern rugs. 

A red-and-blue zig-zag rug is fun but it won’t help with your space issues. Find rugs that have almost no pattern, in neutral colors. Add an element of surprise with a fun, asymmetrical shape if you’d like!

This list is by no means exhaustive, and if you’re looking for even more ways to enhance your space so it shines for prospective buyers, I’m always available and happy to consult. Selling a home is as much about preparation and planning as it is about the specifics of your property. With the right plan in place, we can get your home sold together!


Andrew Manning • REALTOR® • Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties • DRE: 00941825 • 818-380-2147 • andrew@andrewmanning.com