How Specialized Moving Services Can Simplify the Relocation Process

Many things may prompt you to relocate to a smaller house. Perhaps all your children have moved out, creating a sense of loneliness or maybe you’d like to cut costs on home maintenance.Downsizing and moving to a new home at a later stage in life can be challenging. Below is advice on how you can ease the process.

Sell Your Home

When downsizing, you need to develop a plan to sell your home. Ensure you get the correct valuation of the house before selling it. Pricing is essential and requires an experienced real estate professional who can assess your property and its potential then set the best possible price for your home. 

Hire a Trusted  Moving Company

If you’re in need of moving services, you can connect with the top-rated moving companies in your area. Before meeting with a moving company to get a quote and discuss your needs, you can evaluate companies by reading reviews online. If you’re worried about costs, you can also research moving companies that are currently offering deals or credits.

Senior moving companies help senior citizens relocate. Unlike traditional moving companies, they have staff with specialized training in social work, psychology, nursing, and gerontology, which enables them to work effectively. When you contact a moving company, you’re assigned a manager who oversees the relocation process. Besides regular moving assistance, they provide other services, including:

  • Creating custom floor plans for the new home
  • Arranging auctions, buyouts, and donations of unwanted items
  • Interviewing and overseeing movers
  • Organizing transportation and storage of property
  • Overseeing the packing, unpacking, and setting up of a new home
  • Cleaning, shopping, and waste removal

Before settling on a moving manager, you should conduct a background check to determine whether they’re qualified for the job. Check if they have an active practicing license from the National Association of Senior Move Managers. To earn NASMM accreditation, managers must have completed the necessary training on safety and ethics and maintain insurance coverage.

Utilize Offsite Storage

Before and shortly after settling into your new home, using temporary storage facilities can be advantageous. Storing your belongings, or at least larger items like furniture, offsite allows you to avoid an all-at-once move, which can be overwhelming. Instead, you can move into your home with the essentials at first, then pick up items later and at your own pace. Facilities are located throughout and all around the city, so finding cost-effective L.A. self storage units near you is as simple as going online and searching for an affordable rent.

In the end, moving at a later stage in life isn’t easy but with the help of dedicated professionals, the process can be made as simple and stress-free as possible!