5 Trending Mid Century Modern Home Features Buyers Absolutely Love

If there’s one home aesthetic that entices L.A. County buyers above all others, it’s mid century modern. Put a mid century modern home in good condition with a beautiful view or incredible location on the market, and it’ll sell immediately and for an unprecedented price

So, as these gorgeous homes get purchased like home-shaped hot cakes, here are five features that mid century modern-loving buyers crave:

1 – Minimal Exteriors

Mid century modern homes are known for their simplicity and minimalism, and this applies to the exterior of the property as well. You’ll often find flat roofs, straight lines, horizontal planes and clean, geometric spaces that seamlessly mesh with the landscaping. There’s an organic, chic and natural vibe in every detail of the home’s exterior that’s distinctively mid century modern. 

2 – Metal, Glass and Vinyl

In a mid century modern home, you’ll often see soft shapes and curves balanced with sleek lines, creating a futuristic style that still gives a nostalgic nod to the past. Vinyl is placed near wood. Metal and glass mix in home features like this gorgeous stainless-steel-and-glass stove vent. Everything is simple, functional and free-flowing.

3 – Architectural Harmony with Nature

Large, open spaces and a deep connection to nature defines most mid century modern homes. Sliding glass doors or big, glass windows create a harmonious balance and flow, bringing the outside in and the inside out. Landscaping is clean and minimal, often utilizing plants native to the area, and a mix of hardscaping and stone garden decor. 

4 – Bold Accents

Most mid century modern homes often feature an earth-toned color palette, with pops of color by way of accent walls or bold furniture pieces like armchairs, patterned area rugs, couches and coffee tables. Popular accent hues for achieving that perfect mid century modern color pop include: burnt orange, cherry red, mustard yellow and olive green.

5 – Open Floor Plans

A mid century modern home is bright, airy and open with a floor plan that blends one room seamlessly into another. You won’t find too many partitions or walls, and glass is utilized throughout to showcase the calming splendor of nature.

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