Staying Safe While Selling Your Home 

Practical Tips and Precautions

By Andrew Manning 

Spring selling season may have been a little late to RSVP to our real estate party but it’s on the way (new listings are coming) and with it comes fresh concerns about selling a home while keeping safety top of mind. 

In my 30+ years working in residential real estate, I’ve seen a lot. Just a few weeks ago, my team got a call from someone who claimed they owned a house we sold but couldn’t get in. (Spoiler alert: They didn’t own the house.) 

While selling a home means planning, marketing, budgeting and ultimately, closing on the best deal possible, it also means staying safe with every home tour and prospective buyer who walks through the door. Here are my tips to sell your home safely: 

Set up a smart doorbell system.

Ring offers a great option for an at-home video doorbell that can remotely alert you if someone’s trying to get inside your house. Remember: The minute that “For Sale” sign goes up, you’re basically alerting the neighborhood that there’s a solid chance the home could be vacant, at least for some stretch of time. With a camera on your doorbell, you can feel safer knowing that when you’re out of the house, no one else is trying to get in. 

Add your agent to your Ring camera.

Whether you go with Ring or another popular smart doorbell camera option, you can add your agent to the system so they can monitor the cameras as well. 

Install security cameras around the property.

Beyond the doorbell, you can install smart security cameras that are waterproof, compact and feature motion detection.

Get motion-detection lights for nighttime protection.

The presence of motion-detection lights around your house and on walkways can often deter a would-be thief. The security lighting makes it difficult for them to hide their presence from neighbors or a passer-by, so they’re more likely to abandon plans to break into your home for a property that’s not as well lit. 

Hire security.

This option isn’t quite as budget-friendly as the others but at many of our listings, clients are today hiring security guards to thwart potential break-ins or robberies. If you’re thinking of hiring a security officer, they can cost anywhere from $450 to $720 (or more) per day but the added security may be worth it if you want to protect your property and home. 

Add “shown by appointment” verbiage.

It might not seem like much but just adding a “Shown by appointment, do not disturb occupants” to signage and marketing can go a long way when it comes to the safety of your home. This simple phrase might make someone think twice before entering the house, on the chance that even though the home is for sale, the current owners could still be inside. 

Looking to sell your home but want to make sure you do so safely? Let’s talk about all the specific ways we can protect your property during a sale! Contact me today to schedule your complimentary real estate consultation: 

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